Sunday, October 2, 2011

Visit from the Autenreibs!!!

A few days after Daniel was born Bobs sister Reagan came to visit with her 4 kids. She was had been in Fresno visiting Freds family and since she was only 2 hours away instead of 8 she decided to swing down.
Jacob and Natalie chillin in the pool.
Pretty Audrey
Andrew practicing his Kung Fu kick!

Ben and David chillin on the steps. David ALWAYS had someting in his mouth. I'm surpeised Ben isn't spitting out water....his favorite thing to do in the pool.
Jacob and Andrew had a blast swimming and jumping together.

They were racing across the pool...

We're so glad Reagan and her family were able to come down for a few hours. It was great to see them and let the kids play and get to know each other.
Hopefully it won't be another year and half before we see each other again.

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