Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Color Me Rad 5K

 At the end of June Bob, our friend Erika and I all ran the Color Me Rad 5K together. It was actually pretty fun. Next year I hope to be in better shape and take the kids with us.
 Just before we ran the race they were already throwing our color:)

Erika is a marathon runner and was so sweet to run slow with me. I had convinced Bob to run it with me the week before, he too had to run slow for me. I'm glad he can just pick up and run a 5K, now I can train and he can just run with me!

Fun in the Sprinkler!

Some days we like to just relax at home and play in the sprinklers....
 It's especially fun when it gets the slide wet and you have a pool to land in
 oh what JOY!!
 Yes, that's Daniel about to crawl THROUGH the sprinkler, he actually ended up side skirting it, but not by much.
 he LOVES water and will play in it for HOURS!!
 He even took a turn down the slide, but then we couldn't get him out of the pool
 Siblings enjoying the day together, it was HEAVEN!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just something fun

Just a fun tidbit of info on what Daniel's been up to. He has decided to climb on EVERYTHING! He figured out he could climb on the footstools and then on to the couch. What FUN!!!

Fun in the Sun with friends

We've been spending many of our summer days with friends. This particular time it was Hanna Bywater, Evelyn Waite, HopeLyn Bywater, Lacey Bywater, and Preston Waite.
 Ben and Rachel Price playing on the slip and slide
 Daniel in his favorite spot....the pool
 The slip and slide flooded the backyard. Sierra decided it was great fun to ride through.

 The sink was a huge hit with Daniel too.
What a fun summer we're having!

Sidewalk Paint

Part of our summer plans included sidewalk paint. Here the boys are painting pictures for Shelby across the street.

 And.....our back patio
 After trying it in jars and using paint brushes, we tried putting the paint in spray bottles. They haven't decided which is better, both have there advantages.

Target Practice

One of our fun summer activities has been target practice. We filled up water balloons and aimed!


After Andrew's Baptism, we headed down to spend a few days at Disneyland. We had SO much fun that there's not very many pictures
 Andrew was SO excited that Gavin was able to join us for Disney

 This is the only picture that I could find with ALMOST everyone. Steven and Jen are missing, they just weren't there yet.
 After Dumbo...
 Thanks to Grammy the boys all had matching outfits
 Sierra on the Tea Cups....pink of course. In her dress that Grammy made for the girls.
 Andrew and Sierra on the Tea Cups. Grammy got us hooked on pin trading. Andrew's wearing a lanyard with pins that he can trade for ones he wants. Strangely fun and addicting:) And a GREAT souvenir.
 Daniel on the Bug ride at California Adventures. He was smiling under the binkie.

 The only picture in front of the castle. Some how we got separated from everyone.....actually happened quite a bit.....hence, no pics of everyone together.
 Need I say more....

 Sierra's other favorite ride.....It's a Small World
 And.....the Carousel

 Getting ready for the Jungle Cruise...just after almost losing Ben! I thought he followed me, he didn't, At least it didn't take me long to realize he wasn't with me. Bob went to find him. I was surprisingly calm. Then, I hear "he's with Bob" that's when I lost it. He was a good boy, Bob found him standing next to our strollers, he couldn't find us, so he just waited. I was SO proud of him.
 Getting ready for Toy Story at California Adventures.....a new favorite!
 Even Daniel got into it.

 Ben says it all!! Great way to sum up the Disney trip.