Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Push Pops

This is LONG with A LOT of pictures, but, we had fun. The boys had pushpops for dessert the other night. We had had them with friends a few days before and Andrew fell IN LOVE with them!!! I was SHOCKED! He does NOT like cold things...but I guess these are ok. When Andrew asked why I was taking pictures, I told him it was so I would have proof that he had eaten ice cream and so next summer when he told me he didn't like push pops, I'd have proof that he really did. I took LOTS of pictures to document. You'll have to decide for your self who had the most fun....

Want some?
When Andrew saw the mess Benjamin had made, he offered to clean it up. So Helpful!!

We'll do this again, only I think next time....It'll be outside WITHOUT shirts on.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend in OR

Last weekend the boys and I went to Oregon to visit Becky Murie, a friend from my mission. We had BLAST! The boys played hard the whole time. I was so happy to see how well they played together. We spent the weekend relaxing and playing at the park. I hope we can find a chance to go back and see the people we missed.

Here are Andrew,Caleb and Benjamin

Ben would only let me take his picture if he was peaking through something.

Such Concentration

Cute Caleb!

Handsome Wyatt, who LOVES being held. Ben LOVED being close to Wyatt, he would give him lots of hugs and kisses..Too Cute!!Here are all the boys before church..So handsome!
Ben, Drew, Caleb, Isacc

Caleb and Isacc
Cutie IsaccBecky and I with Wyatt

So, all in all, other than Ben escaping during sacrament meeting while I was taking Andrew to the bathroom. (I found him in the nursery roomplayingwith toys) we had a WONDERFUL weekend. Thanks Dave and Becky for a wonderful weekend. We can't wait to come back. Andrew won't stop talking about how much fun he had.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Eggs

This year the boys and I did easter eggs by ourselves...NOT a good idea. Ben wants to be independant and do it all by himself. I thinksome dye actually made it into his mouth....YUCK! But he did do a good job coloring his own eggs. The boys really got a kick out of it!

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Last week we went to Point Defiance zoo and Aquarium with some friends from our ward. We had a lot of fun checking out the sharks, elephants,walruses,whales, etc...Ben's favorite....the SHARKS!!! Really mom?
Good night

We were there in time to see the Beluga whale get fed. I wasn't expecting this!!

How Long will this last...

Last week the boys decided they would like to help with the dishes. Right now I'm taking ANY help I can get! I would put the silverware on the chair and Ben began to sort them. He gets frustrated if you try and help him though. At least he puts them in the right slots! Go Ben!!!

Andrew didn't want to miss out either, he actually did a pretty good job!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Spring!!

Because we didn't know if Bob would be home for Easter or not, we actually celebrated LAST weekend. We LOVED it!! I loved getting it out of the way and being able to focus on Christ. Of course, this weekend just got CRAZY! Bob came in late friday night and then we had to rush him back to the airport after church on sunday. But we definetly enjoyed having him home 2 weekends in a row!The boys enjoying their easter goodies...Ben has become a dinosaur man! and Andrew a LEGO fanatic!