Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall fun!!

The leaves have finally started to fall! Last night while the boys were waiting to start practice for the Christmas Story they decided to play in the leaves. It was impossible to get them to slow down enough so they're blurry.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first thanksgiving

I can't believe Daniel's 3 months!!! He's so happy and easy going. What a blessing he has been to our family.

Video killed the radio star

The kids LOVE to play dance party 3! I love their pose here.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Decorating the tree

So, yeah, this is how we decorate our christmas tree.... making the peanuts "snow"
With a HUGE smile because "I can do it all byself!"
AND....half naked...yeah, this is Sierra most of the's a good thing we live in Bakersfield where it's still pretty warm.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Because Ben was having so much fun at Kid City, we left him behind with the Butlers and Sierra and I headed off to have lunch with Andrew. Once a year Stine Elementary has a family lunch where we get to go and eat lunch with the kids. While we were waiting to go through the gates Sierra spotted Andrew and got so excited that she couldn't contain herself!!
When we got to our spot Sierra found Mackenzie and this is what we found...they were watching the playground, it seemed as if they were protecting each other from the chaos.
I love the scene from behind:)

Kid City

Friday Ben had one of the coolest field trips. We went to the Kern county museum, more specifically Kid City. A room that has everything a city would only kid sized. The ambulance was pretty popular, as well as the jail. At one point Ben ran past me and said "I want to stay here FOREVER!!!"
Sierra even had fun playing with the groceries and driving the cars.
Sierra and I had to leave early so that we could eat lunch with Andrew during the annual family picnic at school. Ben got to stay behind with the Butlers and keep playing. I told Amy I'd pick up Ben when we were done at the school, yet when I got to their house they weren't there. They were still at the museum having A LOT of fun. Ben can't wait to go back. I think we may have to get us a museum pass.

Dance Party!!

Last month we hosted a Dance Party 3 for Kinects party through at our house. It was a BLAST! We set up a tournament for each age group and had prizes for the winners.
Let the dancing.......BEGIN!! Up first was Josiah Henderson and Aubree Miller! Check out the kids in the background practicing.
Daniel just chilled on the couch....until it became too full, then he expected to be held all the time.

We had so many people, that we started the Wii in the other room, this way we had two groups going at once.
Even the little guys got into it, they're dancing to the "power rangers" song.

Go Ryan, Go Wes!!See, even the adults had fun!

Even Janna was enjoying herself.....way to get our of your comfort zone Janna!! Glad you felt comfortable enough.:)
Some dance moves were a little.....odd I don't even know what they were dancing too.....Bob picked it out:)
CHECK THEM OUT!!! How many kids can fit into one room dancing to Pump It!!

Conner can sleep any where.....but don't touch his CANDY!!

Our Ultimate winners!!

Thank you to all who came! We love having parties at our house!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

She cracks me up!!!

She can actually make a whistling sound when she curls her tongue.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little buddies

Last night the Bankheads came over to play games. Their son Austin is a month older than Sierra and they get along GREAT!! Since Halloween she's been saying "trick o tweet! Aunin." telling me that we went trick or treating with Austin. Unlike her behavior when the other littles were here, she followed Austin around and had a GRAND ol' time playing cars with him. They were cracking up driving the cars REALLY fast on the bricks. What a great group of friends Sierra has. We love it!! It makes it even better when we like their parents!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Always fun...

It's always fun to see who looks like who and who is who.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Ben watches bball

So tonight when Bob asked Ben if he wanted to go watch his basketball game he said "sure! Then I can play on your phone!" when Bob asked him how he was going to watch the game his response..... "dad I have two big eyes. I can watch you play and play on your phone."

It turns out, he found other fun things to Austins books, watch Austins movie, and play with dodge balls.


Sierra LOVES to choose her own clothes. She's pretty opinionated about it too. I LOVE it! She can come up with some crazy clothes and I just roll with it.....she's not even 2, she can get away with it. Here are a few from the past month....