Saturday, March 28, 2009

Borland update

As of yesterday, Bob will be finishing up a job in CA for three more months, what was supposed to be a permanent position has turned into a temporary assignment. Therefore, the boys and I will be here in WA while Bob commutes back and forth for every other weekend. So, this is what we do to keep ourselves entertained. We shake our tail feathers...

Go to CA... we can pretend right?

And Andrew's been playing soccer. Today is the final game, last night they had a pizza party where their coach gave out trophies.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too Fast!

The boys are growing up WAY to fast! About a week before Bob left he commented on how grown up Andrew looked. Where has the time gone! He'll be 5 in May! He really has grown up. Especially these last 3 weeks that Bob has been gone. I guess I've been expecting more out of him and he's fulfilling those expectations. I'm so proud of him! Hence, he's getting more responsibilities around the house too. Lately he'll disappear into his room, only to call down a few minutes later for me to come and look. He's CLEANED it! OK, so his version of cleaning, making his bed (which is a queen size right now so he gets TOTAL props for pulling that off) And putting EVERYTHING in the closet. And I mean EVERYTHING! There is absolutely NOTHING left on the floor. Oh well, he's 4 and we really have NO storage in his room for his things so, I guess he found his own way. Then just yesterday Ben, who will be 2 in May, picked out his own clothes! He's been starting to with his pajamas, we'll give him 2 options and then he'll pick. But yesterday, he took off his pj's, said.."clothes" went upstairs, opened his drawers and pulled out clothes. Blue sweats with a maroon long sleeve shirt. When I found the sweatshirt that came with the pants, he told me 'NO'. Well, OK then! He then looked at me, put up his finger, clicked his tongue and said "boo socks" (blue socks) He is OBSESSED with blue socks! It's the only color he wants and sometimes he'll even throw a fit and take off the socks if they're NOT blue. CRAZY!! And, he has decided that when we take walks, he does NOT want to ride in his stroller. Now, these are not short walks, we're talking anywhere from 2-3 miles! Let's just say he's wiped out when we're done.
Just because you can't have a post without pictures!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Northwest Trek

Yesterday we headed to Northwest Trek. It was a little chilly but the boys REALLY enjoyed the Tram ride that took us through the free range section of the park. We were able to see some moose, black tail deer, mountain goats, and several other animals.

The boys were just FASCINATED with all the animals, especially the Bison. They got SO CLOSE!
There's even a discovery center for the kids. We got to see some snakes being fed mice!!! The boys were enthralled! I wish my pictures had turned out. They just couldn't keep their eyes off of the cage. Andrew enjoyed trying to walk like a grizzly bear.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ward talent show

Last night was the ward talent show. When Andrew found out what that meant, he asked if he could sing! I kept putting him off, thinking he would get scared and not want to do it.Finally yesterday morning I gave in and called the activity person and asked if it was too late. She said he could still get on the program. He was SO excited! He practiced his song ALL DAY! He even picked out his own clothes. Then he patiently waited his turn. When they called his name he went RUNNING up to the stage. NO FEAR!!! I was so proud of him! I did take the video camera but in all my nervousness for him, I didn't turn it on:( I am SO bummed because Bob is out of town and I wanted to document this MOMENTOUS occasion! I'm glad I atleast took some still shots. I will have to get a video of him at least singing his song. You all probably want to know what he sung... How Firm A Foundation vs 1 and 3! Yes, a hymn, it's the song they learned last month in primary and has become a favorite. Here are a few snapshots of the momentous night. I STILL can't believe he did it!!! I'm so proud of him!! We love you Andrew keep singing!!
Ready mom?

Friday, March 6, 2009

While Bob's gone

Here are a few things we've done while Bob is working in CA... the boys have been REALLY good, here's Andrew reading to Ben while listening to primary music on his new cd player.

On friday we decided to go to the Childrens Museum because it was a free day. He's been choosing his own clothes and getting himself dressed lately. I went upstairs and found this...minusthe shirt, i had to convince him he needed a shirt. Surprisingly he got some compliments on his attire!! Of course, we took off the headband while at the museum.They LOVED the farmers market...
Andrew enjoyed picking the apples from the tree and then putting them back on. You were supposed to pick your fruits and vegetables and then take them to the market to sell.