Saturday, March 28, 2009

Borland update

As of yesterday, Bob will be finishing up a job in CA for three more months, what was supposed to be a permanent position has turned into a temporary assignment. Therefore, the boys and I will be here in WA while Bob commutes back and forth for every other weekend. So, this is what we do to keep ourselves entertained. We shake our tail feathers...

Go to CA... we can pretend right?

And Andrew's been playing soccer. Today is the final game, last night they had a pizza party where their coach gave out trophies.


The Muries said...

Wow Lisa! I can't imagine. I am glad you have the boys to keep you busy. Seriously if you want to visit to use up some of that time let me know.

Elizabeth C said...

That must be hard to be away from your hubby so much!