Monday, June 29, 2009

A childs prayer

As Andrew was saying his prayers tonight

"Heavenly me to make new friends in Bakersfield. Please bless that there will be a park by the school to play at. Please help me to remember to play with my Lego's at quiet time tomorrow because you didn't remind me this day. etc etc... "

I know there was more to it, but these were the parts that especially stood out to me. I love his prayers, he is so sincere!!!

Snoqualmie Falls

Last week we (the boys and I) decided to head to Sammamish to visit Kenna, a good friend from my HS days. While there we decided we'd head over to Snoqualmie Falls, which is only a few miles from their house. We've been in WA now for 3 years and have visited Kenna many times and have even ridden the train that goes next to these falls but have never actually visited them. Andrew LOVED the view and Ben couldn't take his eyes off of them. Lucky for us Kenna knew a secret way to the bottom of the falls so we didn't have to hike down with all the kids. Just wasn't prepared for it that day. The view from the bottom is even better than the top! View from the bottom of the falls.

Benjamin at the look out near the top of the falls. They're higher than Niagra!!!
Kenna and I with all the kiddos. Ben, Andrew, Bryce, Lilly, Jayna, and MaKayla. Thanks Kenna for a fun day. We love you and we'll miss you but I'm sure our paths will cross again.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wildwood Park

One of the things I wanted to do once more before we left WA was go back to this park. It's so cool! I don't even know why they have a playground, all the kids play in the little creek that runs through it and they spend the rest of the time running up and down the side of the hills. But, it's fun and the boys LOVE it! We asked a few friends to go with us and when we showed up there was this!! Thanks Gardners! That's a pic of me, Andrew and Ben there at the bottom. This is Andrew hanging out with Andrew Gardner and Abe LeBaron, I had to catch them before they took off up the hill.
Benjamin playing with the water of course.
Amy had her older girls set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Here they are taking off up the hill in search of EGGS! Goes to show you that you can have an Easter egg hunt NO MATTER what time of year it is.

I couldn't get Henry to look at me, but here is Henry LeBaron, Benjamin and Ava Gardner. Actually sitting nicely together. It didn't last though.

Playing in the creek.

Look! Some one is playing on the's Layne and Kelli!
Thanks guys for a great going away party. In the words of Andrew "It was the best EVER!!!"


It's happened. My boys eat ice cream! What started with push pops last month when it was really HOT has turned into actual ice cream in a bowl!!! Last week after picking Bob up at the airport we headed for Cold Stone. All Andrew wanted was chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. He was in HEAVEN!! It actually took him 3days to finish it. Then the other night we were talking to Bob on the phone and he told Andrew he was going to head to Cold Stone. Andrew told him he couldn't because "we need to go there as a FAMILY!" We've only been once and it's already been decided that Cold Stone is a family treat. When Bob told him that if he goes enough now (he goes almost everyday) then we will be able to get FREE ice cream. Andrew decided that was OK as long as we would take him when we went to Colorado next week.

Benjamin's ALL about the ice cream! He wanted to carry it home. Then couldn't get enough of it.

Pure delight!!

Our Yard

So, a few weeks ago Bob was home and with him gone I haven't payed much attention to our yard. Well, our neighbors had and called the owners of the property, we then got a call. So, when Bob was supposed to be home relaxing with his family, he was doing this instead....Yes, the 'grass' is really tall, but that's also a BIG hill! He was so EXAUSTED. We were VERY grateful for the Mecums across the street for loaning us their lawn equipment.

Monday, June 22, 2009

And we're OFF!!!

To Bakersfield, CA that is. Through a crazy turn of events and MANY prayers. Bob has landed a job at a new contract in Bakersfield, CA. We are SO excited!! The contract is for 5 years!!!!! It's kinda crazy to think that after nearly 7 years of marriage and what will be 7 moves we will be able to buy a house and settle down....for a little while at least. Of course I keep having these HORRIBLE thoughts that it won't last and we'll be on the move again in a year. But Bob assures me this is it! So, between now and when Bob has to report to work on the 16th of July, he is finishing up work in Lancaster as well as starting on a few things he can do long distance for the new hospital. I am getting us ready for our 2 week road trip to CO next week, and getting as much done around the house to have it ready for movers when we get back. It's a roller coaster, but a fun one for sure!! CALIFORNIA HERE WE COME!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Andrew's growing up!!

Andrew sure is growing up. A few days ago Andrew decided to make us breakfast what was it? Toast and toaster waffles YEAH!! A breakfast he can make. Today he asked for a drink. I told him that it would be a minute. He agrees, then I hear him talking to Ben asking him if he wants Chocolate milk. I came downstairs to see that he had poured a gladd for himself as well as Ben and was stirring in the chocolate. Then tonight he made himself and Ben some chicken nuggets and chocolate milk for dinner. It's so cute to watch them interact, Ben just sat at the table and waited patiently for Andrew to finish his drink. I LOVE IT!!!