Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Way back in January!!

Way back January, we headed to the fire station with Ben's preschool plus some. I think there were 11 little boys and they all had at least 1 sibling with them! It was pretty chaotic. Yet fun. Ben got a little nervous when the fireman starting putting on all their gear. They can look a little scary.
A favorite...the shinny hubcaps...yes, that's Ben checking out what his rear end looks like in the hubcap.

They then let them climb through the truck to see what was in there. And the highlight.....being able to spray the hose!!!

February Fun

We had a few nice days in February, so we headed to the park! This was Sierra's first time in the swing. she did FANTASTIC!!!
With Ben's preschool, we headed to Wasco, CA on the train. Why Wasco? Because it's only about a 20min train ride!

But the highlight of the month was Valentine's Day. The Saturday before, Bob and the boys headed to get pizza, so I sent them into Von's for artichokes and steaks for V-day dinner. And to my surprise...the boys came home with these!!!

At Von's they were letting you decorate little heart shaped cakes. Bob let them each decorate one. They were SO proud of them! I made them save them until Valentine's Day and we ate them for dessert. They were REALLY sweet with all the candy the boys had put on them.

And I HAD to add this fun picture of Ben...the other day I heard him asking if someone wanted some pie, but that it was HOT! I peaked into the living room and saw him like this....with my socks on his hands, pretending to bake! Later that day...when I had put my socks back on, he asked me to take them off so that he could use them again!

Thanks for a fun and eventful February kiddos!!