Saturday, February 21, 2009

Soccer Game

Today was Andrew's first soccer game. He LOVED IT!! He was SO PROUD of kicking the ball away and keeping the other team out of the goal.

Always a smile!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday Andrew decided he wanted to make cupcakes. So, I got him the ingredients and he put it all together. I had to help him with the eggs, but everything else he did! WOW! I can't believe how big he is getting!!!
He even decided to frost some by himself! Then we took some to his friend who had brought him a valentine treat. His name is also Andrew and so my Andrew gets a kick out of hanging with him. How cool is it to have a friend with the SAME NAME!!!
To keep Benjamin entertained, I gave him some rocks and this tupperware. I finished getting Andrew his ingredients and I turned back to Ben and LoOK WHAT HE DID!!! I can't believe he sorted!! I'm so proud of my boys today. They are getting SO BIG!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

This is how we spent our V-Day. After an enthusiastic "Happy Valentines Day!!!" from Andrew, we had...

Heart shaped pancakes for breakfast...

Heart shaped pizza for lunch....And spent the day relaxing.

Bob did clean out our change drawer and we took the boys to Wal-Mart and let the boys choose a small gift for each other. Andrew LOVED it!!!Then we had our neighbor come and babysit and Bob and I went to a Valentines Day party at our friends house..Sorry, no pictures. But we had a GREAT time. Thank you Rachel for throwing an AWESOME party.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little something for posterity

This morning I was getting in the shower and so I put the boys on the bed and let them watch a movie. Andrew said he wanted some trains to watch the movie with, well, since I was getting in the shower, I wasn't exactly going to go downstairs. I told him he could if he didn't let Ben out. The next thing I hear is Andrew leaving, I told him to shut the door and his response "Mom! Benjamin's all tucked in!" And him leaving. Since I wasn't In the shower yet, I wondered what he meant, I looked out and saw Benjamin tucked in under the covers with a bear awaiting the movie. Andrew figured if he tucked him in bed, he wouldn't go anywhere! So smart! Ben just sat on the bed and waited patiently. He is so good to his younger brother and LOVES to take care of him. We do have to remind him that we're mom and dad and so to NOT tell Ben what to do. His response.."mom, when we have a baby sister, then she can be mine and I can take care of her and you can take care of Benjamin" Guess what he wants. (no, we're not pregnant)

Monday, February 9, 2009

What the boys are up to

A few fun things about Ben. Over christmas he learned the word 'mine' as well as 'no'. And it's not just 'no' it's 'no,no,no,no'. Lately he has been very adamant that he is NOT going to take a nap and will say 'no,no,no,' (or,play) He also LOVES to yell 'WAIT' when we're leaving his room at bed time or any time he feels left behind. This week he learned a few new phrases. We went to the Washington History Museum in Tacoma and while I was changing his diaper he started singing. After much thniking I realziedhe was singing 'POP goes the weasel' which sounds more like "POp easel". Then a few minutes later, we were looking at some pictures and all of a sudden I hear "ahh u it" and he runs away laughing. He decided it was time to play tag. So, tag has become a new favorite around our house.
Andrew has started soccer. He had a mini clinic and parent meeting on Sat. he was SO excited! He thought he would be able to go all by himself. When he would talk about his soccer meeting he would sound so grown up! He was so proud that he would be doing something on his own. He can't wait for his first practice, which isn't until friday night, he says he doesn't know if he can wait that long!! I'll post pictures as soon as I actually take some. These are pictures that Andrew has taken with his little fisher price camera. He LOVES it!!


Last night Andrew was in charge of the lesson for Family Home Evening. I had been asking him ALL week what he wanted to do. He had NO idea. Even sunday morning before church he was STILL trying to decide. I figured Bob or I would end up doing the lesson again. I kept telling him that if he listened REALLY good to his primary lesson, he could just tell us about it and that would count. Lo and Behold!! He came home with a lesson! His teacher had made these little finger puppets for the kids and a print out of the lesson. He was SO excited! As I was cutting them out, I was asking him what each picture was...his answer..."I don't know?" GREAT! We were going to have to read each scripture that went along with each little puppet, not that it would be a bad thing, it would just take a LONG time and Ben wouldn't sit for it. Well, I am happy to say, that when it came down to give the lesson, he remembered! He told us about each picture! I was so proud of him!! Great job Andrew! What a great first FHE lesson. Benjamin patiently waiting for FHE to start. This is a favorite spot in the house, right by the toys and books. Perfect little seat.