Monday, February 9, 2009

What the boys are up to

A few fun things about Ben. Over christmas he learned the word 'mine' as well as 'no'. And it's not just 'no' it's 'no,no,no,no'. Lately he has been very adamant that he is NOT going to take a nap and will say 'no,no,no,' (or,play) He also LOVES to yell 'WAIT' when we're leaving his room at bed time or any time he feels left behind. This week he learned a few new phrases. We went to the Washington History Museum in Tacoma and while I was changing his diaper he started singing. After much thniking I realziedhe was singing 'POP goes the weasel' which sounds more like "POp easel". Then a few minutes later, we were looking at some pictures and all of a sudden I hear "ahh u it" and he runs away laughing. He decided it was time to play tag. So, tag has become a new favorite around our house.
Andrew has started soccer. He had a mini clinic and parent meeting on Sat. he was SO excited! He thought he would be able to go all by himself. When he would talk about his soccer meeting he would sound so grown up! He was so proud that he would be doing something on his own. He can't wait for his first practice, which isn't until friday night, he says he doesn't know if he can wait that long!! I'll post pictures as soon as I actually take some. These are pictures that Andrew has taken with his little fisher price camera. He LOVES it!!

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