Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a party!

This year we celebrated Bob's birthday in style! Both of our parents were here because we were going to be blessing Sierra the next day. With a lot of help from Bob's mom we were able to have what has been deemed a Borland Party. Complete with brisket, tri-tip, fruit and 3 chocolate fountains! We had a great time visiting with family and friends, thank you to all who made it a special evening.
Unfortunately it was crazy and I didn't get a picture after the food was put out. But...
Isn't her fruit display amazing!

Look at all that chocolate! We had a milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and a fondue pot of caramel! It was HEAVEN!!! I love this picture of Grandpa with the kids.

Andrew found out he loves orange wedges! It's pretty much all he ate all night!

So Sweet.

I love how chubby her legs are!

This is SO Benjamin! Just A LOT of energy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ben turned 3!!

I know, I'm a little late in getting to his birthday post. There's just been a lot going on, we've had a busy month. Ben is my little ham. He loves to make people laugh. He's always bored when Andrew's at school and can't wait for him to come home. We've solved a little of his boredom by having play dates for him during the week. It also gives me a break from his energy.
He's a great big brother, he loves Sierra, although he does like to make her cry sometimes, which actually drives Andrew crazy! Maybe that's why he does it.
He still loves pink but will say that green is his favorite color. So this year we had pink cupcakes with green frosting.
He's learning his alphabet as well as his numbers. Every day he surprises me with what he knows.
He enjoys going to Andrew's school and sitting on the carpet with the big kids, he's ready for preschool and we're going to do a joy school of sorts with him in the fall.
I can't believe how big he's getting, he's so fun to be around and rarely gets in trouble because he's so cute, yet we're trying to remedy that!
When he's done playing something with Andrew, he has a tendency to tackle Andrew. Last week they were playing twister with my mom and Ben was done, but Andrew wanted to keep playing, so whenever Andrew was bent over putting his hands and feet where ever they are to go, Ben would run up behind him and tackle him. Even if you're just laying on the floor, he'll tackle you.
When I tell him not to do something because he'll could get hurt, he does it anyway and then proudly exclaims that he's not hurt! Example...jumping off the couch towards the table, Ben, don't do that! You're going to hit your head on the table. Ben proceeds to jump then exclaims See I didn't hit my head!
What ever are we going to do with you Ben. We love you and want you to live to see 4! Please be careful!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrating Andrews Birthday

Yesterday was Andrew's 6th birthday. He was SO excited to take cupcakes to school, that he woke up at 5:45 and asked me if it was time to make the cupcakes. I promised him I would wake him up when it was time, so, around 7 we got to making 30 cupcakes for his class at school. We let him open one present, it was clothes. I was smart enough this year to put all the clothing in one package and then I wrapped it with his new star wars beach towel. We caved and let him open a few others. Ben really wanted it to be his birthday too, so when we let Andrew open his present from Ben, he let Ben help him. It was really sweet, he told Ben that he could open it for him. Ben gave him lego's that Andrew LOVED!
When Bob got home from work we headed to Chuckee Cheese!! It was Andrew's choice for dinner. We had a BLAST! We put Sierra in a front carrier and the boys just ran around and played. After a few hours at Chuckee Cheese we headed home for chocolate cake and more presents!!
After opening the water gun...which he has been begging for, he looked at it, put it aside and said, ok what's next?

He wanted me to take a picture of each, here you go. Bob found this star wars tie fighter. Andrew was in love at first sight and had yet to put it down. He even slept with it last night.

And the present that he has been most concerned about. The night before he went to bed, he asked if I was going to go to the store to get it. I told him no (i already did). He was very concerned about it, and so was then VERY happy when he opened it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Look who's 6!!!!

I can't believe Andrew is 6!! He's such an amazing boy. He is such a big help around the house. Especially if he gets rewarded for being able to go swimming. Which he thinks is AMAZING!! Of course, he doesn't really swim, he actually just floats around with his arm floaties and a fish inner tube. Oh well, he's having fun. Our goal is for him to swim without these by the end of the summer.

Andrew LOVES being a big brother. He's really great at it too. He loves to hold Sierra and doesn't like it when she cries. At her 2 month DR appt, she had to have shots. He told me no because it would hurt and she would cry and he didn't want he to cry. He was very concerned, he doesn't like to see her sad.

He likes to tell Ben what to do. Ben doesn't always go for it, but he tries. They really do play well together, it's a lot of fun to watch.

He LOVES school, well, for the most part. He's pretty bored right now and can't wait for summer...then he'll be one step closer to getting to go to school ALL DAY! He wants to be a big kid and go to school early and get to go all day.

He loves to sing and is one of the loudest in primary. If he has a chance to perform...he's all over it! Any chance he has to get on stage...he'll do it.

Right now, Andrews.....

Favorite Color BLUE

Favorite TV show Team UmiZoomie and Phineas and Ferb

Favorite Toy anything Star Wars

Favorite activity Swimming, playing with his friends which is actually his most FAVORITE thing to do. We're lucky to live so close to several of them.

Happy Birthday Andrew. We are very blessed to have you in our family. I went to bed last night very happy and loved and feeling extremely blessed for the wonderful life I have.

Ahhh Ben

Yesterday Ben's day started out with him checking on Sierra. I heard him as he was waking up saying that he was going to check on Sierra. He then appears in my room, climbs up on the bed and snuggles in with Sierra. He hangs out while I give Sierra a bath, he tells me he's going to sleep and to wake him up when it's time to get dressed for church. After getting Sierra and myself ready (Andrew's still asleep) I get Ben and realize his diaper is still dry!! PERFECT! I ask him if he wants to try going potty in the toilet. He agrees so we head to the bathroom, he decides he doesn't want to go in his, but in mommy and daddy's OK fine...just go potty! Of course he changes his mind...again and goes back to his. I leave him in the bathroom to do his thing and finish getting things ready for church. He comes in, tells me he's done but that he didn't go. OK fine, let's give you a treat for trying. Then, as I'm getting ready to put his diaper on him, he informs me he needs to go potty, OK great! Then, after several failed attempts to get him in a diaper, I figure, we have LOTS of tile in the house, I'll just let him run around naked while I get everything ready for church. Not long later I think...I bet he's going to pee on the tile somewhere. Nah, he knows where the potty is, he'll make it. So, I head to the kitchen to make some breakfast and see a damp spot near the front closet. I ask Ben why it's wet and he looks down. This is the conversation that we then had...
Me:Ben, did you go potty?
Ben: Yes
Me: Really? Are you sure? Where are you supposed to go potty? (thinking he's just saying yes because he always says yes, there's not a puddle or anything so it's probably something else.)
Ben: In the toilet.
I then proceed to wipe it up anyway.
Ben: (opening the hall closet) In here mom!!!!
He had opened the hall closet peed in it and then shut the door. What was in the hall was what he had tracked out. AKKKKK!!!! by this point, Andrew's awake but not getting dressed, Sierra's crying and we're NOT on track for being on time for church. (Bob's the ward clerk, so he was at a Bishopric meeting) I quickly clean it up, get Andrew going on getting ready for church and FINALLY get a diaper on Ben then get him some breakfast. We made it to church during the opening song. WHEW!!!
Yet it doesn't end there. After feeding Sierra at church I come back in and sit down, she proceeds to spit up ALL over me while Ben is admiring her and really loudly he tells me that she's spilling!
BEN: She's spilling Mom! Don't spill on mommy Sierra, that's not nice. Hey mommy I caught it! I caught it mommy! I need to wash my hand.
After a few chuckles from me and anyone sitting behind us. I get his hand cleaned up, he had stuck it under her "spillage". Not 5 minutes later I hear "I'm a bee, I'm a bee, i'm a i'm a i'm a bee" Yes, the black eyed peas. He won't stop singing it! I find out later from someone who sits 6 or 7 rows in front of us, that they could hear him, AKKK!!
You can ALWAYS count on Ben for a good laugh. i think it's his mission in life to make people smile.
Love you Ben and all your mischief

Sierra's 2 months!

Here she is! In all her 2 month glory!! She had her 2 month check up today. 14lbs 12oz and 24 inches long. According to the chart....she's in the 95th percentile for a 3 MONTH OLD!!! Unfortunaltely, you see that rolled up balmket behind her head? She likes to lay on the right side of her head and it's starting to get flat and push forward a little. The DR said to put something behind her head to get her lay on her left side. Or get something to catch her interest. I couldn't think of anything that keeps her interest long enough to keep her on her left side...we found it! The TV. I turned on the TV and she just stares at it.

Not up to much though, just LOVES being held. Doesn't like being left alone. Once she figures out she's by herself, if she can't see someone, she starts to cry. The boys are very entertained by her. She's a GREAT baby. Loves to eat and sleep.