Monday, May 3, 2010

Look who's 6!!!!

I can't believe Andrew is 6!! He's such an amazing boy. He is such a big help around the house. Especially if he gets rewarded for being able to go swimming. Which he thinks is AMAZING!! Of course, he doesn't really swim, he actually just floats around with his arm floaties and a fish inner tube. Oh well, he's having fun. Our goal is for him to swim without these by the end of the summer.

Andrew LOVES being a big brother. He's really great at it too. He loves to hold Sierra and doesn't like it when she cries. At her 2 month DR appt, she had to have shots. He told me no because it would hurt and she would cry and he didn't want he to cry. He was very concerned, he doesn't like to see her sad.

He likes to tell Ben what to do. Ben doesn't always go for it, but he tries. They really do play well together, it's a lot of fun to watch.

He LOVES school, well, for the most part. He's pretty bored right now and can't wait for summer...then he'll be one step closer to getting to go to school ALL DAY! He wants to be a big kid and go to school early and get to go all day.

He loves to sing and is one of the loudest in primary. If he has a chance to perform...he's all over it! Any chance he has to get on stage...he'll do it.

Right now, Andrews.....

Favorite Color BLUE

Favorite TV show Team UmiZoomie and Phineas and Ferb

Favorite Toy anything Star Wars

Favorite activity Swimming, playing with his friends which is actually his most FAVORITE thing to do. We're lucky to live so close to several of them.

Happy Birthday Andrew. We are very blessed to have you in our family. I went to bed last night very happy and loved and feeling extremely blessed for the wonderful life I have.


Renee and Jake said...

It amazes me how quickly they grow and even quicker they develop their own little personalities and likes with dislikes.

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