Thursday, April 29, 2010

Before I Forget

I had to post some of my favorite pictures of the boys with Sierra. They can not get enough of her. I LOVE IT!!!


Better Late than Never...

I know I'm late. But, just after christmas my parents, Leauna, and Connor came to visit. I didn't take many pictures, but did take a few at the zoo (CALM). Connor, Andrew and Ben in front of a really big cactus.
Andrew and Ben were contemplating touching the snake. Even when we went back in March, Andrew still remembered the type of snake that he got to touch.

We went back a few nights later for the Zoo lights. They were pretty spectacular for such a small zoo. Here's Andrew on the train.

It's hard to see but it was SNOWING!!!! Only because they had a snow machine, but still, the boys really enjoyed it.

And of course, the carousel. Andrew won't ride on anything but the chairs, Ben's a little more adventurous and will ride on the horses that go up and down.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bakersfield "zoo"

During Spring Break the kiddos and I headed to CALM or the California Living Museum. It's a Zoo of sorts, they have only animals that are indigenous to CA and they also have several rescued animals. It's mot very big, but perfect for a little outing. They had the train running while we were there, OK, that's why we went, we heard the train was running. The boys had a BLAST!! Sierra's first train ride...she slept the WHOLE time! She was wonderful at the zoo while the boys ran around and looked at all the animals.

what pretty country side. We have to enjoy the green while we have it. It will be gone soon:(

Pure Bliss!
Andrew even got to pull the train whistle. EVERY time we rode, he would go and ask if he could blow the whistle. I was so proud of him for taking the initiative and asking, he usually would make me do something like that. He's growing up!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Pictures

I thought it would be fun to see what we all looked like as babies. All of these were taken within the first few months.

I think it's pretty obvious who's who. What do you all think?

Friday, April 9, 2010


Here are the few pictures I took of Easter. I didn't even take pictures of the boys hunting for eggs this year. But, we did have fun making sugar cookies! I was even is a patient mood and let them roll out the dough and cut them by them selves.
Ben attempted to make a handprint didn't work.:(

He was SO proud of the cookies, he actually made most of them

Of course he had to have PINK frosting. I can't believe I even let them frost too, Ben did get tired of it after a few so I got to help him. WHEW!! We would've been there all night!

Here are the boys showing off their creations! I was so proud of them and we had a very enjoyable afternoon.

Happy easter everyone!



The weather has been SO nice lately. The pool still isn't warm enough to get into, but the boys love to just sit on the edge and stick their feet in.

So if they enjoy being inside the gate so much, why have they changed their minds?

And why are they jumping up and down?

Because daddy is about to christen the pool!!

It must have been REALLY cold. But it is SO inviting! Can't wait for it to warm up.
Here's to many days in the pool! Can't wait!



We sure had a lot of fun in March. Here's Ben pretending to be Sierra. Andrew had just gotten done holding Sierra and when I turned around from putting her down, Ben had crawled onto Andrew's lap.
Of course, Andrew then didn't want to be left out of the fun and had to climb onto Ben's lap. These boys have SO much fun together! We had several sunny days in March, so Bob and Ben decided to do more than just stick their feet in. As you can tell, Ben thought it was a little cold. Probably around 65. (We don't have a pool heater , you don't need one when it gets over 100 several days during the summer).
He decided that sticking his feet in the waterfall was just right!

While Ben was enjoying the water, Andrew was participating in the school play. The Missoula Children's Theater Company came to Andrew's school and Andrew was able to be part of the cast. The best part, SEVERAL of his friends were also cast. So he was able to do something fun with his friends. It was GREAT! They performed a loosely based version of Robinson Crusoe...VERY loosely based on the book.
here we have Ambree Butler, Amy Jensen, and Braden Peterson in the back, with Davin Peterson, Sydney Butler, Andrew Borland and Lily, a girl from Andrew's class in the front. They were part of the Hula dancing Color changing Chameleons! As you can see, the front of their costumes change color.

Andrew, Sydney and girl I don't know, had a separate little part. They walked on stage, waved to the audience then Andrew and Lily walked off while Sydney stayed and waved. Then the other two waged their fingers at her and came back to pull her off stage. It was SO cute and he LOVED being able to do something different and special.

Here they are showing us what chameleons do...pinch their fingers and stick their tongues in and out.
All of the Hula dancing color changing chameleons.

What a GREAT experience for Andrew. He LOVES to perform and be on stage. It made it ALL the better that he was able to do it with several of his friends.