Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 2011

As soon as school got out..well, before that really, the kids and I hopped onto a plane and headed to Denver to spend some time with family. When we got to CO, we spent a night with grandma and grandpa, then headed up North to Casper, WY to spend some time with Connor before he hit the road with the Wyoming Troopers Drum and Bugle Corps. While Connor rehearsed the kids were able to play on a playground near by, close enough to be able to listen.

Because they were rehearsing at Fort Casper, there was actually stuff for us to see. I can't believe this is the only picture of the three of them on a wagon. Really, getting 3 kids to look at me was ridiculous.

Here they are with Connor and one of his troop mates. That's his good friend Sarah standing next to him with Sierra, as unthrilled as Sierra looks, She would've been SCREAMING had it been Connor holding her. Apparently they're not to smile while in uniform...Ben sure doesn't care...there he is, being his silly self.

We attempted to get a picture with all of us...Sierra was exhausted and unsure of Connor, and Ben just wants to be silly. Thanks Andrew for standing and smiling so good.

there's more to come!

Bob's birthday!

The only picture I have from Bob's birthday. And a typical scene at our house. All the kids wanting to snuggle up with daddy. I couldn't ask for a better man for our kids! They are so attached to him, I don't complain one bit when they'd rather have daddy. And I've never heard a complaint from him either. Ben and Sierra definitely fight over him, and Andrew waits his turn patiently to play games, he loves to play video games and board games with Bob. Ben just loves to be with him and do whatever Bob is doing. Sierra follows him around when he's home and expects to be held at all times.
We love you Bob!! Thanks for being a wonderful daddy and my best friend.

Benjamin's 4!!!

Happy birthday Ben!!! Well, actually it was back in May, but I'm just now getting around to posting about it. I've been waiting for all the pictures....then just gave up, if and when I ever get them....I'll post those as well. So for now, here we go! Yes, I buy my boys matching outfits for their birthday. It's fun too because their birthdays are only 11 days apart.

Ben wanted to swim on his birthday too, but it was too instead, they played trains!

And because I have no pictures of his PINK cake! Yes...ever since he could tell me what kind of cake he's been pink...of course that's because it's strawberry;) I only hope HE remembers that years down the road when he looks back and wonders why he always had a pink cake for his birthday. Pink was his favorite color for awhile. He was even convinced that Sierra's room was his because we had painted it pink.

Favorite color, or sometimes pink. Ben will eat just about ANYTHING if it's green or pink! Favorite thing to do outside..swim of course...or just being outside if it's not to HOT. favorite thing to do with cars. He's ALL about his cars and loves to line them up and group them by style and size. Or, he will just chill and watch a super hero movie.

Ben, you make us laugh so hard with your silliness, and frustrate us with your little attitude. At least it never lasts very long, so I can just walk away and you'll soon be distracted and back to your silly self.

You love being just like Andrew and love playing with Sierra, she sure thinks you're pretty silly and loves to follow you around. I'm glad you don't mind.

We love you Ben! can't wait to see what the years ahead will bring us!