Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sierra's Antics

Sierra's been very busy lately! Her and her partner in crime!! BEN! She got into the cereal cabinet and was eating the trix. Ben showed her how to DUMP them all over the floor and then eat them!

The fireplace she did all on her own...well, MacKensie Peterson helped her up, but she climbed in all on her own.

She LOVES to help me in the kitchen, I give her a bowl, a spoon and some measuring cups and she's happy!

So unfortunate

Unfortunately these are the ONLY pictures that were taken this year in front of our Christmas tree:( I don't know what happened..other than life, but these are the only ones I have. These were taken while the boys were decorating the tree.

We actually set up the pack-n-play for Sierra so that she wouldn't get into the village, but Ben decided HE needed to be in it instead.
Oh, well...maybe I'll do better next year. I did get a few on Christmas morning...I'll post those later.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


while my family was here we went to see the lights at CALM (our tiny little zoo, if you can call it that) They actually have a fabulous display, and we always enjoy ourselves.

Sierra and daddy on the train.

It was really cold and we are no longer prepared for cold weather!!! My boys don't even have a warm jacket! Just hoodies.
Ben was SO excited to be able to ride on the trolley! They had a little yellow trolley and he REALLY wanted to ride on it. Lucky for us we were able to ride it just before we left!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning

Christmas morning was FANTASTIC! It was nice a easy. The boys woke up around 7:30 and we just took it easy. It was really nice to have my family visit. The kids all got pillow pets from Santa!! they were SO excited!!

Sierra was really getting into opening her presents. She loved seeing what was inside everything!

Ben LOVES his new bike...although it is a little big...he can grow into it! What a fantasitc day...we just took it easy. When it was time for Sierra's nap, we all watched a movie,played, or took a nap. Then got back to more presents. I love having a slow christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas jammies!

Sorry, a lot of my pictures are blurry. I was messing with my camera and forgot to put it back on auto focus. OOPS!

They're all just so cute in their christmas jammies!