Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year

I've decided (again) that it's about time I at least try and do something cultural for my kids. So this time,we celebrated the Chinese New Year. We didn't go ALL OUT and have 8 dishes that symbolize different things, but, we did make dragon masks and a dragon kite. Then we had Sweet and Sour Pork from a recipe my mom got when living over seas. YUMMM!!! So, here is a Happy Chinese New Year to you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A quick note

I know it's been awhile and I have pictures in waiting, and I will get to them later. But, as I was reading my friends blog today she mentioned that they had mice. It reminded me that I have not filled you all in on our little mouse problem. (see here) After getting a few traps we thought we were done, we never saw any and we weren't catching any. So, we forgot about them. Then, after our Christmas trip to CO we came home to a HORRIBLE stench in our room. What was it you ask...a mouse, a fairly large one at that. It's head had been squashed by "Doctrines of Salvation" on our book case. Bob lovingly took care of it and we though that was that. Not to be, that night while watching TV, we found a baby, running around the living room, we set out our spinning traps and what happened, the mouse would climb on top and look at us. NOT OK. So, the next day we decided to get the snapping traps. They didn't really work either, Bob would wake up in the morning and they would've eaten the cheese. We did catch a few though. Then, one morning I walked into the kitchen to make breakfast, only to see one run from under the dishwasher to under the stove!! FREAKED me OUT! It's one thing to know you have mice, another to actually see one when you're not expecting it. I left the kitchen and decided I'd go back later to make breakfast, well not 5 minutes later Ben decided he was thirsty, he came and got me and we headed into the kitchen, only to have one run out from behind the trash,and typical curious 19 month old, he decided to chase it! I stopped him just as it ran under the stove again. We proceeded into the kitchen (we had to pass the stove to get to the fridge) Only to have the mouse run out again! He again tried to chase it as it ran down the stairs. I did not venture down ALL DAY! Needles to say, we called our landlord and had them send an exterminator. I was NOT going to have my baby chasing a dirty filthy mouse. I am happy to say, we have not seen one since.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow in Puyallup and Tacoma Zoo Lights

After christmas it snowed. Well, I guess it snowed A LOT while we were gone. Shut down the whole city. We live on a hill in a culdesac and our neighbors are even further up the hill, so much so, they park in front of our house instead of going up their driveway when it's been snowing. Bob left a few days after us and come to find out, the neighbors were all sledding down their driveway, out into the culdesac and down the street. SO FUN! I wish we could've been here.

Andrew got an Air Hockey table from Grammy and Grandpa. They LOVE it and play with it CONSTANTLY!!

We've always enjoyed the Zoo Lights in Denver and since Bob's parents got us season passes to the Tacoma Zoo we decided we'd check it out. Too bad it was cold and humid...not the best combination. But we find ways to keep our ears warm...

The Tacoma Zoo is also an aquarium, with LOTS of cool fish and even some SHARKS!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A bit More Christmas

After helping Bobs mom with setting up for christmas, we headed to my parents house for christmas eve festivities. We're lucky enough to have our parents only 20 minutes apart. We spent the day playing games and doing puzzles. We even let the boys open a few presents. They were SO excited! They then spent the day playing trains. After an early dinner we headed out to look at some lights. We went to a house we've always enjoyed even when Connor was young. Sorry the pictures aren't that great, I forgot the camera and hadto use my moms cell phone.

After lights we sent the boys to bed, with their new jammies of course. We were anticipating an early awakening, but not so. Ben was up at 7 and we had to wake Andrew up at 8 to get things going. Andrew wrapped Bens present all by himself this year. He was so proud of himself. Ben was so excited to geta present, he wouldn't let ANYONE touch it. He kept saying MINE and running away if someone wanted to help him open it. He didn't care what was in it, he just wanted to hug it. SO CUTE!
All Andrew asked Santa for was a speed racer watch. Here he is showing it off.