Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some more February Fun!

 Daniel decided he's a big boy and can pour him self some cereal when he's hungry
 Didn't do to bad actually.....since he decided it was easier to just reach into the box.
 Cutie waiting for the boys to come home from school

Sierra showing off her matching shirt and plate She was VERY insistent that I take a picture's still warm enough for the park!
 Andrew and Sierra modeling our skirts for the Color Me Rad run
 Color Me Rad 2013

 If you notice, Andrew didn't have his tutu on by the end, he got embarrassed and decided not to wear it.

 Oh Daniel.....
 Our GINORMOUS bucket of cherry pie filling! Ben and Sierra LOVE it and eat it straight out of the bucket
 Having a tea party with Sierra while the boys are at school and Daniel is sleeping
 It's a CAMP OUT!!
 Super Hero's!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Some February fun

Daniel and Sierra have decided that these little wagons are GREAT for riding in.

 For Valentines Day breakfast we got to have heart shaped cinnamon rolls!
 YES!! It's warm enough to play at the park. The kids LOVE being able to be out side ALL the time

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So Far, So Fun

Every year Bob takes the boys to see the Monster Trucks. They LOVE it!

 Poor Daniel got bronchiolitis and so gets to have wonderful breathing treatments
Sierra was trying to be sneaky while getting into the game cabinet after I had told her not to.

 Ben being Ben
 She got mad and fell asleep on the floor crying while I was making dinner
He wanted to try my new drink, he wasn't very succesful

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Scripture reading HERE WE COME!!

This Year we have decided to read the scriptures with the kids EVERY NIGHT!
 Our first accomplishment was finishing 1st Nephi which meant a reward trip to go Roller Skating. 2nd Nephi was Ice cream, So, we combined them! So FUN!!