Friday, December 23, 2011

The Christmas Story

Alexis Phillips and Maryn Peterson decided to get some of the primary kids together and perform 'The Christmas Story'

 Sierra was an angel, Andrew was a wiseman and Ben was a shepherd. Daniel got to be baby Jesus!
 Sierra with Mackensie Peterson the star and Austin Bankhead a shepherd
 some of the angels with Sierra..Gillian Ellsworth, Sara Jensen, Ashlan Phillips, and Amy Jensen

 Andrew with the other wisemen  Connor Peterson and Jacob Miller

 Daniel with Abby Phillips and Brayden Peterson

What a great night and a great way to kick off the christmas weekend!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sleepy girl

Benjamin told me the other day that "Sierra is so pretty when she sleeps. I like to go in and look at her." this after he had gone in her room several times while she was asleep.
So, I decided I would take a picture of her sleeping. She is pretty darn cute:)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ohhh Sierra

Last week Sierra decided to climb out of bed. I had put her in her bed with a book. I later heard a thud, listened for crying, heard none so I figured she'd thrown her book out then gone to sleep. A while later we heard her crying so Bob went to check in her. He found her behind the door. I felt SO bad:( She was fussy on sunday, and I thought she was doing better on Monday. But by tues morning I realized she was compensating for a sore wrist, she was pulling herself up using her elbow. I called the DR and got her in for later that morning. After xrays, we found out she had fractured her wrist, in one possibly two places. Poor little thing:(
Here she is hanging out in the DR's office waiting for Dr. Grimm.
The Dr decided to splint her wrist so that she couldn't damage it anymore. She was NOT happy. now she couldn't use her hand. Here we are at the Xray place waiting for our turn. Poor thing, it was WAY past her lunch and nap time. What a trooper she was! She did NOT like having to lay down and have pictures taken....not a huge fan of laying on a table.Her pretty cast. We were able to get in the next day to put a cast on it. She was so good! Didn't even move while they wrapped it. I think it bothers her brothers more than her. Andrew was so worried about her because she couldn't move her elbow.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ginger bread Houses

Last week for FHE we decided to decorate the last of our gingerbread houses. I say last because the week before, Bob's deacons were at our house decorating houses. I had made 8 plus Sierra's little one. Not all the young men showed up so we had 3 extras and gave 2 away to be decorated.

This was an intense process! Lots of candy to be eaten!

Sierra actually did a fantastic job! I put the frosting on and she would stick a piece of candy on the house. Even now when she points to the houses she points to the little one and says "mine" she's very proud of herself!

Sierra's little house that she's very proud of.

Andrew and Benjamin's house that daddy helped with.

A side shot a few days later after Ben took the little gingerbread men off!

Next year, I think we'll just do giant gingerbread men and women:) It sure was fun though!!

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Ward Christmas party

Andrew was able to play a few songs at the ward christmas party. He played little drummer boy and silent night. Before I could get the video rolling Ben had made his way to the piano and was looking cute.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Look who is growing up!

Daniel's loving being able to sit up in the bumbo seat. The kids love it too, great new perspective for everyone involved:)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oranges and Sierra!!!

Sierra LOVES fruit right now it's mandarins oranges or tangerines...whatever they are:) when we would peel one for her and give her a few slices, she seemed ok with it, then one day that wasn't good enough! She'd figured out she wasn't getting all of it. She wanted THE WHOLE THING!! And don't break it into pieces! We had to give it to her whole so that she could eat it like an apple:)
Then yesterday she found one and decided to peel it on her own! She came to me with a nasty look on her face, a bite out of the orange peel confirmed why. She proceeded to peel it, which takes concentration, and drop the peeling on the floor while staring at a movie. I took a few pictures, figured it would take her awhile to get it all peeled, so I sat down to feed Daniel. Next thing I know the orange is GONE!! When asked where it was, she pointed to her mouth and said "mouf". So, sorry, no picks of her eating like an apple....she was just too fast!

Grandma came to visit!!!

We got to have my mom come and visit is this past week!! The kids were so excited! I wasn't allowed to help them with ANYTHING!!! They all wanted grandma, or grammy as Sierra chose to call her, to do everything!! Get them dressed, give them baths, make their food, put on their shoes, buckle them into the car, everything that I would do for them, they wanted her to do;) I think it was more of a vacation for me than for her! Thanks for coming mom! Sorry we were so hectic and busy, but I sure got a lot done with you here....well, besides the laundry;) enjoy some pictures!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall fun!!

The leaves have finally started to fall! Last night while the boys were waiting to start practice for the Christmas Story they decided to play in the leaves. It was impossible to get them to slow down enough so they're blurry.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first thanksgiving

I can't believe Daniel's 3 months!!! He's so happy and easy going. What a blessing he has been to our family.

Video killed the radio star

The kids LOVE to play dance party 3! I love their pose here.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Decorating the tree

So, yeah, this is how we decorate our christmas tree.... making the peanuts "snow"
With a HUGE smile because "I can do it all byself!"
AND....half naked...yeah, this is Sierra most of the's a good thing we live in Bakersfield where it's still pretty warm.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Because Ben was having so much fun at Kid City, we left him behind with the Butlers and Sierra and I headed off to have lunch with Andrew. Once a year Stine Elementary has a family lunch where we get to go and eat lunch with the kids. While we were waiting to go through the gates Sierra spotted Andrew and got so excited that she couldn't contain herself!!
When we got to our spot Sierra found Mackenzie and this is what we found...they were watching the playground, it seemed as if they were protecting each other from the chaos.
I love the scene from behind:)