Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ohhh Sierra

Last week Sierra decided to climb out of bed. I had put her in her bed with a book. I later heard a thud, listened for crying, heard none so I figured she'd thrown her book out then gone to sleep. A while later we heard her crying so Bob went to check in her. He found her behind the door. I felt SO bad:( She was fussy on sunday, and I thought she was doing better on Monday. But by tues morning I realized she was compensating for a sore wrist, she was pulling herself up using her elbow. I called the DR and got her in for later that morning. After xrays, we found out she had fractured her wrist, in one possibly two places. Poor little thing:(
Here she is hanging out in the DR's office waiting for Dr. Grimm.
The Dr decided to splint her wrist so that she couldn't damage it anymore. She was NOT happy. now she couldn't use her hand. Here we are at the Xray place waiting for our turn. Poor thing, it was WAY past her lunch and nap time. What a trooper she was! She did NOT like having to lay down and have pictures taken....not a huge fan of laying on a table.Her pretty cast. We were able to get in the next day to put a cast on it. She was so good! Didn't even move while they wrapped it. I think it bothers her brothers more than her. Andrew was so worried about her because she couldn't move her elbow.

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