Friday, December 16, 2011

Ginger bread Houses

Last week for FHE we decided to decorate the last of our gingerbread houses. I say last because the week before, Bob's deacons were at our house decorating houses. I had made 8 plus Sierra's little one. Not all the young men showed up so we had 3 extras and gave 2 away to be decorated.

This was an intense process! Lots of candy to be eaten!

Sierra actually did a fantastic job! I put the frosting on and she would stick a piece of candy on the house. Even now when she points to the houses she points to the little one and says "mine" she's very proud of herself!

Sierra's little house that she's very proud of.

Andrew and Benjamin's house that daddy helped with.

A side shot a few days later after Ben took the little gingerbread men off!

Next year, I think we'll just do giant gingerbread men and women:) It sure was fun though!!

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