Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oranges and Sierra!!!

Sierra LOVES fruit right now it's mandarins oranges or tangerines...whatever they are:) when we would peel one for her and give her a few slices, she seemed ok with it, then one day that wasn't good enough! She'd figured out she wasn't getting all of it. She wanted THE WHOLE THING!! And don't break it into pieces! We had to give it to her whole so that she could eat it like an apple:)
Then yesterday she found one and decided to peel it on her own! She came to me with a nasty look on her face, a bite out of the orange peel confirmed why. She proceeded to peel it, which takes concentration, and drop the peeling on the floor while staring at a movie. I took a few pictures, figured it would take her awhile to get it all peeled, so I sat down to feed Daniel. Next thing I know the orange is GONE!! When asked where it was, she pointed to her mouth and said "mouf". So, sorry, no picks of her eating like an apple....she was just too fast!

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