Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What can YOU do in November?

I decided that I better be fair and post my falling. As you can see...we can go wake boarding!!!

I love the fact that the leaves have turned.

Bob got to go as the sun was going down...it STILL wasn't that cold!

Then, Ryan and Justin got out and showed us how it's REALLY done!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Back in September I went to check on Sierra, and I found her sleeping like this...at least she's not sleeping on her left side anymore! I just don't think this will work once that helmet comes off!

6 months old and check out those thighs!!!!
In October I was working outside and Sierra decided to crawl outside. Ben was cleaning up his rocks. I wasn't paying very good attention.....Sierra decided to eat charcoal! I got her right away, but she was still nice and black.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Condors game!!!!

Last Saturday night some friends called and said they had some Condors Hockey tickets they weren't going to use. We JUMPED on it! Got a sitter for Sierra and took the boys to the game! We were 4 rows behind the players! AWESOME seats! Andrew was worried about it being too loud and Ben was just excited!!! Because it was the day before Halloween, they wore their costumes. Good thing too, it's the only one I have of Andrew in his.

Andrew stuck his hands through the bars and got to high five the players on their way to the locker room. He can't wait to go back....something he and daddy can do together!!!!

As it turned out...Andrew was TOTALLY into the game and Ben was scared of the players. He didn't like all the pads on the goalies. Oh well, he didn't act too scared, he just kept hiding behind the chairs.


I was using a new function on my phone and didn't realize I had to save every picture that I took...so, this is the only one I have from trunk-or-treat. Ben was Super Why! Here he is chilling in the back of our new van. Andrew was Vert from Hot Wheels:Battle Force Five. And Sierra was a pumpkin...the same costume the boys wore on their first Halloween. It BARELY fit her, but it was good enough for one night. (it's a sweat suit and the sweats went to her knees)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin carving

On Saturday we finally got around to carving our pumpkins. We remembered from last year that if you carve them too soon, they get moldy and icky before Halloween even gets here! We had the boys draw what they wanted on their pumpkins so that Bob could carve them.

Benjamin's Pumpkin

Andrew kept starting over....next year, no permanent markers.

All aglow Halloween night. For it being on a Sunday we actually had several trick-or-treaters! The boys loved handing out the candy and fought to get to the door first. We actually shut down at 7:30 when Andrew went to bed, but heard kids out side long in to the night. Andrew said on Mon that there were a lot of kids missing from school....no doubt staying up too late and eating too much candy:)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Family trip to pumpkin patch

Ben and I had so much fun at the pumpkin patch we decided we should take the whole family back. Sierra rode up high and LOVED every minute of it. She thought it was the BEST view!

This was my view the whole time...They were FAST and I had a hard time keeping up with them.

They were so excited to be at the pumpkin patch....and that we made it out of the maze!

They BEGGED to have these pictures taken! But according to Ben I must have been taking to long.

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we headed to the local pumpkin patch with Benjamin's preschool. The boys had so much fun walking through the pumpkins and watching lizards. (Thomas Lamb, Christian Olsen, Ty Butler) (Vaughn Forsyth, Benjamin, Kaiden Bergtanole)

Ben was in LOVE with this green pumpkin.

They were having a blast looking at their reflections in the pond.

Ty Butler, Thomas Lamb, Lucy Forsyth, Ryan Lamb, Kaiden Bergtanole, Vaughn Forsyth, Christian Olsen.
Ben was pouting and refused to join his friends to sing 5 little pumpkins.

Sierra sitting up!!

My baby girl! These are actually from September when she started to sit up on her own. We love our little girl. She is so much fun to have in our family. She is now crawling like crazy and gets into everything!!!!

Andrew and Dana singing

Over the summer Andrew participated in a singing class. He LOVED it! He was the only boy but he didn't care. Here is his duet with Dana. They sang Zippadeedodah

Andrew's first piano recital

Andrew started taking piano lessons this summer. He had worked his way through one of the beginner books that we have and so I decided it was time. He's doing REALLY well. This was back in August during his fun filled weekend of a day at the lake, a piano recital, and a little choir concert. Hope you enjoy!