Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow in Puyallup and Tacoma Zoo Lights

After christmas it snowed. Well, I guess it snowed A LOT while we were gone. Shut down the whole city. We live on a hill in a culdesac and our neighbors are even further up the hill, so much so, they park in front of our house instead of going up their driveway when it's been snowing. Bob left a few days after us and come to find out, the neighbors were all sledding down their driveway, out into the culdesac and down the street. SO FUN! I wish we could've been here.

Andrew got an Air Hockey table from Grammy and Grandpa. They LOVE it and play with it CONSTANTLY!!

We've always enjoyed the Zoo Lights in Denver and since Bob's parents got us season passes to the Tacoma Zoo we decided we'd check it out. Too bad it was cold and humid...not the best combination. But we find ways to keep our ears warm...

The Tacoma Zoo is also an aquarium, with LOTS of cool fish and even some SHARKS!!!

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