Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little something for posterity

This morning I was getting in the shower and so I put the boys on the bed and let them watch a movie. Andrew said he wanted some trains to watch the movie with, well, since I was getting in the shower, I wasn't exactly going to go downstairs. I told him he could if he didn't let Ben out. The next thing I hear is Andrew leaving, I told him to shut the door and his response "Mom! Benjamin's all tucked in!" And him leaving. Since I wasn't In the shower yet, I wondered what he meant, I looked out and saw Benjamin tucked in under the covers with a bear awaiting the movie. Andrew figured if he tucked him in bed, he wouldn't go anywhere! So smart! Ben just sat on the bed and waited patiently. He is so good to his younger brother and LOVES to take care of him. We do have to remind him that we're mom and dad and so to NOT tell Ben what to do. His response.."mom, when we have a baby sister, then she can be mine and I can take care of her and you can take care of Benjamin" Guess what he wants. (no, we're not pregnant)


Natalie said...

Kids are too funny! How are you guys doing?

Jess to the Lo said...

That disclaimer was defiantly needed! :D Cute boys, as always.