Saturday, June 27, 2009


It's happened. My boys eat ice cream! What started with push pops last month when it was really HOT has turned into actual ice cream in a bowl!!! Last week after picking Bob up at the airport we headed for Cold Stone. All Andrew wanted was chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. He was in HEAVEN!! It actually took him 3days to finish it. Then the other night we were talking to Bob on the phone and he told Andrew he was going to head to Cold Stone. Andrew told him he couldn't because "we need to go there as a FAMILY!" We've only been once and it's already been decided that Cold Stone is a family treat. When Bob told him that if he goes enough now (he goes almost everyday) then we will be able to get FREE ice cream. Andrew decided that was OK as long as we would take him when we went to Colorado next week.

Benjamin's ALL about the ice cream! He wanted to carry it home. Then couldn't get enough of it.

Pure delight!!

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