Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too Fast!

The boys are growing up WAY to fast! About a week before Bob left he commented on how grown up Andrew looked. Where has the time gone! He'll be 5 in May! He really has grown up. Especially these last 3 weeks that Bob has been gone. I guess I've been expecting more out of him and he's fulfilling those expectations. I'm so proud of him! Hence, he's getting more responsibilities around the house too. Lately he'll disappear into his room, only to call down a few minutes later for me to come and look. He's CLEANED it! OK, so his version of cleaning, making his bed (which is a queen size right now so he gets TOTAL props for pulling that off) And putting EVERYTHING in the closet. And I mean EVERYTHING! There is absolutely NOTHING left on the floor. Oh well, he's 4 and we really have NO storage in his room for his things so, I guess he found his own way. Then just yesterday Ben, who will be 2 in May, picked out his own clothes! He's been starting to with his pajamas, we'll give him 2 options and then he'll pick. But yesterday, he took off his pj's, said.."clothes" went upstairs, opened his drawers and pulled out clothes. Blue sweats with a maroon long sleeve shirt. When I found the sweatshirt that came with the pants, he told me 'NO'. Well, OK then! He then looked at me, put up his finger, clicked his tongue and said "boo socks" (blue socks) He is OBSESSED with blue socks! It's the only color he wants and sometimes he'll even throw a fit and take off the socks if they're NOT blue. CRAZY!! And, he has decided that when we take walks, he does NOT want to ride in his stroller. Now, these are not short walks, we're talking anywhere from 2-3 miles! Let's just say he's wiped out when we're done.
Just because you can't have a post without pictures!

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Elizabeth C said...

Wow! I know what you mean, Ethan (my 4 year old) is losing his first tooth, it's loose! I can't believe that he is old enough for that! That is so wonderful that Andrew is trying to clean up his room without you asking. That is awesome!! :)