Friday, March 6, 2009

While Bob's gone

Here are a few things we've done while Bob is working in CA... the boys have been REALLY good, here's Andrew reading to Ben while listening to primary music on his new cd player.

On friday we decided to go to the Childrens Museum because it was a free day. He's been choosing his own clothes and getting himself dressed lately. I went upstairs and found this...minusthe shirt, i had to convince him he needed a shirt. Surprisingly he got some compliments on his attire!! Of course, we took off the headband while at the museum.They LOVED the farmers market...
Andrew enjoyed picking the apples from the tree and then putting them back on. You were supposed to pick your fruits and vegetables and then take them to the market to sell.

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Jess to the Lo said...

Looks like a GREAT museum! :D