Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ward talent show

Last night was the ward talent show. When Andrew found out what that meant, he asked if he could sing! I kept putting him off, thinking he would get scared and not want to do it.Finally yesterday morning I gave in and called the activity person and asked if it was too late. She said he could still get on the program. He was SO excited! He practiced his song ALL DAY! He even picked out his own clothes. Then he patiently waited his turn. When they called his name he went RUNNING up to the stage. NO FEAR!!! I was so proud of him! I did take the video camera but in all my nervousness for him, I didn't turn it on:( I am SO bummed because Bob is out of town and I wanted to document this MOMENTOUS occasion! I'm glad I atleast took some still shots. I will have to get a video of him at least singing his song. You all probably want to know what he sung... How Firm A Foundation vs 1 and 3! Yes, a hymn, it's the song they learned last month in primary and has become a favorite. Here are a few snapshots of the momentous night. I STILL can't believe he did it!!! I'm so proud of him!! We love you Andrew keep singing!!
Ready mom?

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Pancake said...

That is AWESOME!! Look out american idol!!!