Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dance Party!!

Last month we hosted a Dance Party 3 for Kinects party through at our house. It was a BLAST! We set up a tournament for each age group and had prizes for the winners.
Let the dancing.......BEGIN!! Up first was Josiah Henderson and Aubree Miller! Check out the kids in the background practicing.
Daniel just chilled on the couch....until it became too full, then he expected to be held all the time.

We had so many people, that we started the Wii in the other room, this way we had two groups going at once.
Even the little guys got into it, they're dancing to the "power rangers" song.

Go Ryan, Go Wes!!See, even the adults had fun!

Even Janna was enjoying herself.....way to get our of your comfort zone Janna!! Glad you felt comfortable enough.:)
Some dance moves were a little.....odd I don't even know what they were dancing too.....Bob picked it out:)
CHECK THEM OUT!!! How many kids can fit into one room dancing to Pump It!!

Conner can sleep any where.....but don't touch his CANDY!!

Our Ultimate winners!!

Thank you to all who came! We love having parties at our house!!

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