Sunday, July 29, 2012

Andrew's Special Day

After the baptism we came home for sandwiches, swimming and just being with family. It was PERFECT! We love spending time with family and swimming, so it was the BEST least Andrew thought so and that's what matters.
Getting Ben to look at you while in the pool....not likely....
 Sweet Hazel just relaxing in the pool.
 Andrew showing off his cannon ball talents
 Seth was FEARLESS! He was jumping off of EVERYTHING!
 Sierra LOVES her daddy and Loves being in the pool....what could be better?
 Steven and Jen
 My sweet Daniel, this kid would spend the whole day in a float in the pool if we let him.
 notice how Steven is in BOTH rough housing pictures:)
 Dylan showing us his cool goggles
 Hot kids=Popsicles!!!
 Some played just TOO hard
 books, jammies, and grandma.....ahhhhhh
What a FANTASTIC day! Thank you to all who made it special.

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