Sunday, July 29, 2012

Andrews Baptism

Andrew was baptized in June! It was a FANTASIC day! He was SO excited and had been preparing himself for quite a while. I must admit I was worried he wouldn't be prepared, but, as his special day got closer....he was! He had an amazing primary teacher who taught him and got him excited about the gospel and reading his scriptures and the prospect of being baptized!
He was So excited for this opportunity that HE called the Executive Secretary to set up the appointment with the Bishop. He helped me make invitations to give out to the people he wanted to attend and HE asked the special men in his life to stand in the circle when he received the Holy Ghost.(after we are baptized, men who hold the priesthood lay their hands on our head and we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, an amazing gift that we get to have with us ALWAYS) What an AMAZING young man!!!
Andrew and his Dad. He was SO excited!
Ben was super excited for his brother too and wanted in on the action!

Bob with his boys on this special day.

Andrew with the special men in his life. We have......Steve Day, Dan Miller, Wes Jensen (Curtis Jensen) Daddy!, Don Ellsworth, Ryan Phillips, Bob Wren, Steven Borland, Grandpa Borland, Grandpa Pack  Andrew was so cute when he asked each of these amazing men personally to stand in the circle.

Our three generation picture. Andrew with daddy and grandpa Borland (Sierra fell asleep just after seeing Andrew being baptized. Ben decided to join in the picture)

Andrew with daddy and Grandpa Pack

Me and my Special guy! What a GREAT day!

Andrew with his AMAZING primary teacher Brother Wes Jensen.
Andrew and his friend Davin Peterson. They were baptized on the same day!
Andrew with Sydney Butler and Davin Peterson

Bob's parents and his brother Steven and his family were able to join us as well as my parents and my sister Leauna!

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