Sunday, October 2, 2011

Andrew singing/swimming

During the last few weeks of summer Andrew took a singing class that was put on by Jessica Ellsworth while she was home from college for the summer. Andrew did it last summer too and LOVED it! This year his solo was I Don't Wanna Grow Up from Peter Pan. He did AMAZING! I wish I could get the video to load. If I ever figure it out I'll post it.
He also wanted to take swimming lessons again, yet the time that his class would be going on he was at singing. So, he was able to have his own private lessons at the end of classes. Because they were done at a friends house this summer there was a lot of flexibility. I think it worked out for the best. He really thrived having the one on one attention from Kaitlin and she has AMAZING patience with him when he wouldn't dive.So, she had him work on jumping in and touching the bottom of the pool. He almost did it! The Petersons pool is 10' in the deep end. He was so excited that he could almost do it, that it gave him the confidence to do it at home because our pool is only 6'.

I'm always amazed at how much they progress over the 2 weeks that they have swimming lessons. This year was especially fun because we were in CO at the beginning of the summer and both sets of grandparents could see that they were still a little timid...not quite remembering everything they had learned last summer.( I hear that's normal) But both grandparents were here at the end of the summer and were able to see how much BETTER they were and how confident they were in the water.

I'm so proud of you Andrew for facing some of your fears and for working so hard! We'll dive next least you'll go under the water now and get toys off the bottom of the pool. You wouldn't do THAT before Kaitlin worked with you.

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