Saturday, October 22, 2011

Father Son camp out 2006

We were going through flash drives and found some pictures from before we started our blog. I thought I'd go ahead and add them.
These are from the father son campout that Bob took Andrew on just after he turned 2. It was also just before we moved to Everett, WA from Greeley, CO. They went with my dad and our nephew Connor.

Andrew doing his favorite thing......Running!!
Chillin' with daddy at the camp fire.
They had a group campfire where they sang songs.
And they didn't just chill the whole time...

They brought out Bows and Arrows for the boys to shoot
And had a rope course for the boys to try out too. Andrew wasn't too sure about it. I don't think his face would be much different now....I think he may have a small fear of heights.

When they got back Grandma had a tricycle waiting for him. It's finally needing to be replaced. Not bad after 5 years!

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