Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin patch!!!

We were a little early getting to the pumpkin patch on Friday so we decided to take a little detour to some cotton fields. Driving by these always reminds me of Georgia and I've been wanting to take a picture here since we moved here.
Then it was on to the Banducci's pumpkin patch where we were set up to learn a little about pumpkins and then go through the corn maze and end with Ben being able to choose his very own pumpkin!
Sierra, Ben, Ty Butler, Olivia Ammareal, Cammile Ammareal
The kids were so well behaved! I was very proud of them, they watched VERY intently too and seemed to really enjoy the presentation.
All of the kids at the corn maze. There were so many who wanted to be involved in the preschool groups this year that we actually have 3 that do field trips together. Today there were only 2.
Ben and his pumpkin that he chose. It looks like it has a pony tail.Sierra was wandering around and when I found her she was lounging in the pumpkins. She had a blast climbing all over them and exploring.So of course Ben had to have his picture taken!

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