Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We have been doing a Joy School type preschool again this year for Ben. It has been FANTASTIC! We love the moms and kids that are all involved. Ben LOVES to go and is learning SO much. This week and next week are at our house. I thought their snacks turned our so cute so I had to post them. We made monster teeth with apples, peanut butter and then the kids chose either raisins or candy corns. The original recipe called for candy corns, but I tried raisins to be a little more healthy. I think they all pretty much chose candy corns.
We're also doing Zoophonics to help with their letters. IT WORKS AMAZING!! I have the letter I so these are our Inny the Inchworm puppets. With their triangle bats. I wanted to take a picture of the bats because they came up with different ways to put them together. I was so impressed!

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