Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My birthday!!! Lake Buena Vista

This year for my birthday we headed to Lake Buena Vista with friends. We always have a blast when we go. My boys spend the WHOLE time on the boat. If it's leaving the shore, they're ON IT! And they come home wanting a boat. The Petersons are very kind to indulge us all. I know they enjoy going too and we always love it when they take us along.
Mommy and Sierra; Ben watching daddy wake board;Bob and the kiddos; Sierra not too sure about riding on the boat; Andrew holding the safety flag.
I figured since there would be NO WAY that I would be able to wake board this time....being 9 months pregnant, that I could at least ride on the tube....as long as we didn't go too fast.
Lisa Miller and I decided we'd take Ethan and Sierra on the tube with us. Ben thought he'd join us too. I think we weighed a little TOO much! We kept leaning backwards! It was SO uncomfortable, but Sierra and Ethan were enjoying themselves. Ben, not so much, so he got to go again later.
Here is Ben riding again since he didn't get much of a ride with mommy. He's riding with Jacob Miller and Hannah Bywater. According to Ben Jacob fell off! He thought it was pretty funny. And Andrew got on with Tim and Hope Bywater. They just wanted to go faster and faster and faster!Bob always enjoys going and wake boarding too. He's actually doing pretty good for only going once or twice a year. Yes, they wear helmets, last year Dan Miller took a pretty bad fall and ended up with a concussion and in the hospital, so they now take precautions.Thank You Petersons, Millers, and Bywaters for joining us at the lake and making the day so much fun!

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