Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Andrew on the kid ski!!!!!

This year for my birthday we headed to the lake with our good friends the Petersons, Millers and Bywaters. I didn't get too many pics of everyone there, but I did manage to get some of Andrew taking his second turn on the kid ski. His first attempt was EARLY, before I got there. He was so proud of himself and he LOVED it!!
Here he is starting from the shore...which is supposed to be harder, the other kids generally start from the back of the boat...Andrew doesn't do to well this way. Oh well!
Look at the shear joy and happiness on his face!!! He was LOVING it!Check out that SKILL!!! We were so proud of him for not falling when the boat turned...not as easy to do as you would think.He was getting a little tired, he had been riding for awhile. And down at the bottom shows how it's done. Dad sits on the back of the boat and holds the rope. That way he can let the rope in or out, and pull them in when they're done.
These are a few cool shots Jeff took while standing up high in the boat. He just looks so calm and collected!
OOPS! Then he fell. With a smile on his face:) When we came back around to him, he was all smiles and was giving us a thumbs up!
What a HUGE accomplishment for Andrew this year. His water skills have REALLY improved this year. Last summer he didn't want to try the ski....afraid he would fall. This year...ALL SMILES!!!

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