Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ice Blocking!

A few weeks ago the youth wanted to go ice blocking. Because all the places to get the ice blocks closed before Bob got off work, we were enlisted to get the ice. This of course sparked the question of whether or not the kids could go. They wantedt to see what this was ALL about. After talking to Bob we decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea. They were told though that they had to wait their turn and let the youth go first since it was there activity. We have WONDERFUL youth in our ward who love our kids and who our kids love. They were so good to let them ride on the ice too. I got several fun pictures. We don't have many youth in our ward, so I was able to get shots of all that were there.
For Andrew and Benjamin's first attempt, Bob tied a rope to the block of ice and pulled them along the top of the hill and down at an angle. Crystal Henderson held Andrew's hand so he wouldn't fall off. Ben just ran along side until it was his turn. They LOVED it!

Bob was the only youth leader to go down the hill. Ben enjoyed chasing everyone down, then of course back up!

Andrew eventually ventured out on his own and took off down the hill! He was all smiles the WHOLE way!!
Ben took things a little slower and went down with Bob before he made an attempt at going on his own.
Even Sierra gave it a try. After spending the whole evening watching everyone else, she finally got her turn. She first went down with Austin Phillips then with Bob. Austin was actually kind enough to take her down several times. She just kept asking him "again?" I think Austin enjoyed it. Sierra's a little leary of the young men (the boys 12-18) and they're always seeing if they can get her to talk to them, or even acknowlede their existents with out running to Bob or I. So for her to play with Austin was a pretty big deal since we were around.
Crystal and Tyler
Alexis Phillips and Caitlin Williams....they started off wrong so the whole thing just didn't work for them:(
Kaitlyn Hunter and Jazmyn Helbush
Sorry Becca, my only pic is of you falling.
Wesley Hunter

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