Monday, August 1, 2011

Four Corners and Grand Canyon

On our way home from CO we decided that we would go to the Four Corners monument and make a quick stop at the Grand Canyon. The kids LOVED Four Corners. Funny since all it is is a big medalion in the ground where Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona meet. But, they enjoyed standing in all four. So of course we ALL had to do it. Even Sierra, she jumped right in there and expected her picture to be taken too.
The kids enjoyed even just running around, each standing in a different state, and Andrew wanted to stand right in the middle. What a great way to stretch their legs!
After we went to Four Corners we made our way to the Grand Canyon.
Here everyone is in a watch tower. I couldn't believe how many stairs!!
Bob and the kids taking a breaj coming down...showing off the Indian art work on the inside of the tower. Bob and Sierra at the top..check out the view! Yeah, I move a little slower, even coming down, but you can see how steep the stairs are.
Andrew wouldn't get near the edge of the patio at the fort, Ben had NO problem!
When we were back down to the bottom Andrew was a little more willing to get near the edge and have his picture taken.

I love these little ones. They are so protective of each other. Ben always wanted to hold Sierra's leash. He's always worried she'll get away.
Here we all are at the rim. It was hard to get Ben to look at the camera, he wanted to see the view!

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Natalie said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! Love all the pictures. Looks like a blast. :D