Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Benjamin's Sports Camp

This summer we enrolled Benjamin in a mini sports camp. Since Andrew had the opportunity to do soccer, Ben got his chance to learn several different sports. It was a week long camp and each day they played a different sport.
I forgot to take pictures the first day while they were playing t-ball. Oh well, he decided it wasn't his favorite anyway.
Here was the second day when they were playing soccer. Ben thought the passing the ball back and forth with his brother was BORING. But kicking the ball into the goal....AWESOME!!!
Then they played Basketball....NOT his best sport. He really struggled with bouncing the ball. He wouldn't hit it hard enough to get it to bounce back up. But he still says it's his favorite sport. So we got him a b-ball to practice with at home.

Day 4 was hockey. He just couldn't hold the stick right! He did have fun though. He was such a perfectionist too when it came to hitting the ball back and forth between the cones. If he missed a cone, he would pick up the ball and reset it.
Friday was track and field. He had them running backwards to the cones. I was very proud of him! We do need to work on his skipping though:( Then the coach set up a little track and they had relay races. TOO CUTE!!
His favorite of track and field was the hurdles. It was SO cute to watch them run and jump over them. What FUN!!
There was a park right next to the grass where Benjamin was, so I was able to watch Andrew and Sierra play at the park while I watched Ben play his sports. Andrew was SO good with Sierra. He LOVES his little sister, and she is SO in love with him.

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