Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Andrew's Soccer Camp

I've been trying to keep these littles busy this summer. I want them to enjoy themselves. So, Andrew wanted to participate in a soccer camp. He had a BLAST! What was nice was the park near by to help keep Ben and Sierra entertained. His camp was 3 hours a day, so we'd play at the park, run a few errands, and then they always wanted to watch him for a little while, so here are a few pics of my cute littles entertaining themselves while they watch Andrew.
Here are a few pictures of Andrew's camp. I love the one in the middle where they have them stop the ball with their bumm.
He was actually pretty good. He picked up on everything pretty quick. I did notice that he sticks his tongue out when concentrating....like mother like son:) Oh yeah, see the one in the middle, this time they were stopping the ball with their head.
The coaches were a lot of fun and made the camp a BLAST for the kids. Now he wants to play soccer. We'll see what he plays this fall.

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