Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Cousin Time!!!

After the aquarium we all headed back to grammy's for swimming and more playing! The kids LOVE the pool and we had a GREAT time! Bob, Andrew and Gavin enjoyed playing catch. Lily just wanted to swim, and Ben was still a little unsure of the pool....maybe it was too cold. Sierra was ALL about it too.
After swimming we headed back to grammy's and Andrew and Gavin decided that they would put on a little show for us. They got all of grammy's hula hoops and gave us a hula hoop demonstration. It was fun to watch them work together and I'd never seen Andrew hula hoop! They moved from one station to another until at the end they had 3 hoops each. They did pretty good! I was very impressed!
A few days after Ben threw sand at Lily, he must have decided she was OK, because they spent a better part of Sunday playing together.

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