Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fun with cousins

While in CO we got to spend a lot of time with Bob's sister Becky and her two cuties Gavin and Lily. Andrew and Gavin are 9 months apart and play GREAT together. Ben and Lily are 3 months apart and aren't quite to the playing together stage yet. Sierra was sure thrilled though to have another girl around to hang out with. Although Ben and Lily did play 'with' each other, more like Ben followed Lily around.
Funny little story.....Bob and I came back from some place we'd gone with Bob's sisters and Ben was sitting at the top of the slide crying. Come to find out he'd been throwing sand and grandpa had put him in time out. Later while talking to Ben about his visit with Gavin and Lily, he told me that Gavin was nice, but he didn't like Lily. When I asked him why? he said that he couldn't throw sand at her. I guess he'd thrown the sand at Lily and that's why he was in time out. So....instead of being upset with grandpa for putting him in time out, he decided Lily wasn't fun because he wasn't allowed to throw sand at her.

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