Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Elitch Gardens

One of the fun things we were able to do while we were in Denver was go to Eltich Gardens. An amusement park in Denver. The boys had a BLAST!!! Andrew was able to go on a few of the biger rides with Bob. He thought that was pretty cool. But, since Ben was a little too short he was quickly bored and so Grammy and I took him to the childrens area. He LOVED it!! His favorite.....the little roller coaster!
Here's Ben and grammy on the tea cups! He thought it was pretty cool that he got to go on a few rides with just grammy.

Look! When daddy came over with Andrew, he even took Sierra on the hot air balloons. I was surprised that she enjoyed it!

The train was a big hit with my kids. The would have gone on it over and over and over again. Well, that and the roller coaster.
I must say I was surprised they braved the Ferris Wheel! It's SO HIGH!! They did great though!

We even attended a little show and the boys got to participate. I think they enjoyed it.
Grandpa was able to join us in between work meetings and take a few pictures.
Ben wasn't too excited about riding the airplanes, he made sure it didn't do ANYTHING! Andrew on the other hand...LOVED it!
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Then Ben wanted to go on the Tower, Andrew wasn't too sure about it.If you look closely, you can see Ben enjoying himself and Andrew gritting his teeth and waiting for it to be over. I was SO proud of him!

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