Friday, July 8, 2011

June 2011 Continued....

When the kids and I flew out to Colorado the boys were AMAZING! I was so happy. And as worried as I was about having a layover, it actually worked because just as they were getting antsy, it was time to get off and we had time to stretch our legs as we raced to catch the next plane. Then, when they were done again...we were in DENVER!! Just outside of Denver we hit turbulence, it rocked Sierra to sleep.....FINALLY!! And the boys said it felt like a roller coaster and had a BLAST!!

Here are a few more pictures I couldn't get to add to the last post from when we were in WY.
This is how Ben listens to the Troopers leading the music and 'playing' the trumpet...the instrument the Connor plays.And here's Sierra enjoying some trooper music.

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