Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zions Camp

So, after a whirlwind trip to CA and getting in LATE. The boys and I packed up and went camping. What was I thinking?!?!?! I was thinking that I have the greatest friends who would help with the boys and all that camping entails. And I was right!! Thanks GUYS!! So, this post is long, but A LOT happened just GETTING to Zions Camp. Here goes!!!
While running around the house trying to get everything together,Ben is CRYing. Not sure What is going on. So, after a few hours of that, we're getting in the car. The boys are climbing in and out of the car while I'm loading up. The car is beeping like the key's in the ignition. It's not so I'm not worried about it. Then, just as we're FINALLY getting in the car, I put on my sunglasses and all of a sudden they BOTH want theirs. After another half an hour of looking for the sunglasses and hats. Now we're off!! Or are we? I put the key in the ignition and........NOTHING!! Yup, we have a dead battery. What now? No problem, I'll use the other car to jump it, no luck, the hood of the truck won't open. So,now we have to figure something out. Half an hour later after squeezing everything into the smaller car, we were OFF!!! YEAH!! We finally make it to camp and meet up with the LeBarons to do some boating!!

After boating we decided it was time to set up my tent and make some dinner. I now remember WHY we got a new tent. It was pretty comical trying to set up the tent. I took it because it's smaller than the new one. But NOT as good. Then we had an amazingly fun evening of homemade ice cream, smores, and good friends who were there to pick up Ben EVERY time he tipped his chair over. Never once did he cry,he just got up and got into a new one.I can't believe how homeless my children look!!!

Thanks Kole for being the ONLY one to look at the camera.Cute posin' Kelli!! What a CREW!!!
Abe LeBaron, Alli Gardner, Audrey Gardner, Andrew Borland,Kole Kanekoa, Andrew Gardner, Karson Kanekoa, Ava Gardner, Kelli Kanekoa, Henry LeBaron, Benjamin Borland. After a long night of Ben wanting to go home and sleep in his OWN bed, we got ourselves ready for the day and sent everyone off to do service. The Gardners were nice enough to take Andrew with them. I love that we were able to go camping, enjoy time with friends and then help out with service as well. A definite tradition for our family.

After doing a morning of service we were able to spend the afternoon at the lake. Smile Audrey!!Fun times of splashing in the water,
Boating, playing on the rope swingAllison, THIS is how it's done
Check out that SPLASH!!

Thanks for a GREAT time everyone. We do need to do it again. With more friends next time. What a BLAST!!!

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