Friday, May 22, 2009


We (Bob and I) don't fish. It's not something we really enjoy and we don't really enjoy eating fish. But, I thought it was something Andrew needed to experience. So, I signed him up for a fishing derby. The section of lake that they fished in was stocked and every child was able to fish for 1 hour and take home 2 fish. We did it with some friends of ours and are happy to say that EVERYONE caught a fish!!! Albeit, for Karson, it was literally the LAST second. I hear it was VERY intense, my boys were DONE long before it was over. Here are a few pictures from our BEAUTIFUL Washington day. Although Andrew caught a fish... we did NOT bring it home, we gave it to some friends who took it home and ate it, i guess I better ask them how it tasted. You can see Andrew's not to sure about the flailing fish.

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