Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day with Daddy!

So yes, we hopped a plane and came to CA for a few days. It's been fun, we've been relaxing and just enjoying being together, for Memorial Day we went to the park and went swimming at the pool here at the Bob's hotel. Not much, but fun memories for us. Enjoy the pictures.

This is how Andrew enjoys the pool. It takes him awhile to get used to the water. He LOVES his new suit, he slipped on the steps the first day and went under so we got smart and got him a new suit. Thankfully he's still cautious and realizes that he's still not invincible.Benjamin screams and cries the whole time we're getting him ready for the pool and would cry the whole way down and then the first 5 minutes or so, and then we couldn't get him out! By the end of the week they were actually jumping off the side of the pool! No pics though because we went while Bob was at work. We realized that this is Ben's first time in a pool. He's been to the beach several times, but never a pool. He thought it was "TOO BIG!"

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