Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!

Benjamin's 2!!! Some days I can't believe it's been that long!! He is such a joy to have in our family. When he thinks he does something funny and you don't laugh at him, (like when what he's doing is disobedient and you're trying to ignore him so that you don't encourage the behavior) he'll do it over and over again until you laugh. And if you're close enough, he'll get in your face and laugh until you laugh. Which generally happens because he's so cute. These pictures are pretty typical of him right now. A VERY messy face!!!
Benjamin also loves the color blue, cars, trucks, dinosaurs, trains and every thing boy. He also LOVES batman, or as he calls him...SUPER BATMAN!!Complete with a strongman pose. He LOVES to follow Andrew around and do what ever he does. He has hit the terrible 2's. I don't remember this AT ALL! NOTHING is right anymore, the strawberries are in the wrong bowl, he's wearing the wrong color pants...you get the picture...Ben's favorite word...'mine'. His favorite thing to do....throw himself on the ground when he doesn't get what he wants. If we're on pavement, he does it in slow motion, first..lean over, then slowly stretch your legs behind you until you are laying face first on the ground, wait for mom to acknowledge you. Yet lately, he's added the kicking of the feet. It's quite comical actually, maybe one day I will be lucky enough to get it on tape.
We love you Ben. We're so happy you're a part of our life. Thank you for coming to our family.

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