Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Birthday highlights

Because Ben's birthday was in the middle of the week and Bob wasn't home, we celebrated for DAYS! We had to squeeze Bob's birthday in too. It was fun! Andrew and Ben and I had one cake on Wednesday...a train of course. Yes, I know it's pink, but it's STRAWBERRY! This kid is ALL about strawberry. One day he may regret it....naw...he's MAN enough to like pink. He LOVES to be Superman and Batman. I thought these PJ's were fitting for him. He was so jealous of Andrew's roller skates, that we got him his own. He LOVES them. He was so excited when he saw them. In fact he loved ALL of his presents.
Just before daddy left on Mon we had more cake. The boys love having a cake in the shape of the number they are turning. It's been perfect...not to much cake. As soon as he saw the candle, he started to blow on it. I couldn't even get a picture fast enough!
We love you Ben. You're our big happy Ben and we LOVE having you in our family. Definitely some comic relief. I love how you light up when Andrew wakes up in the morning. We love you Ben!!!

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